The amazing trade fair

Last week, our team joined our first trade fair in the lobby of Kingston business building. We experienced a tough time before the event because that we changed our service to product. Luckily, we finished the product design, material choosing and prototype making before the trade fair. I want to say ‘thank you’ to my team member Song and technical guider Chunchen.IMG_6789IMG_6803

We are very exciting before that event because of this is a good chance for us to communicate with real customers directly and we can try to presell our ‘My-Drawer’ file folder. We came to the lobby early on that day. We decorated our stall with product poster and showed introductive PPT slide through laptop. We also designed a DIY area for our potential customers to feel and draw on our creative material. My-Drawer is a creative file folder with a drawer system. Customers can pull the drawers out and manage their documents in terms of different categories. Our file folder is waterproof and tear resistance. Customers can customize their own by drawing on the file folder.IMG_6805IMG_6800IMG_6797IMG_6804IMG_6790

During the trade fair, I found a lot of different creative products and services from other teams, for example, smart phone case from One Minute and folding glasses case from Qunitet. Meanwhile, our product also attracted a lot of customers. I was enthusiastic about introducing the features and advantages of the product to them again and again. At the same time, I had to answer different practical questions from them, some of which I even had not thought about before the fair. I learnt a lot about from all these conversations. I understood the actual needs of consumers and the advantages and disadvantages of our products through it. Meanwhile, we knew the responsible price from the questionnaires. Luckily, we had our first client on that day and presell ten file folders. This was a competition on that day, the judges talked to every team and graded their products. Through the conservations between us and judges, our team found that we should enrich our product line and figure out My-Drawer’s Product positioning. We planned to improve our design and do some market research to make our product become more unique in the next stage.

Although we did not get the prize in this trade fair, we learned a lot from other teams and figure out the directions of our product in the next stage. We believe that we can make My-Drawer better before next trade fair.


Kill the baby and come across a new idea

Since last Dragon’s Dan presentation, I thought a lot about our Share&Share. Honestly, we have a very bright idea, which can solve the problems we come across in daily life. Our service is based on the theory of sharing economy, which is also the hotspot of innovation and entrepreneurship. The business model related to sharing experience and knowledge has a deep potential both in the present and future. We did research, surveys and discussed the idea with our friends, classmates and our professors. They were very interested in our idea and concept. In the Dragon’s Dan presentation, the judges were also very interested in our concept, but they also had some doubts about our business model. Especially, we did not have a clear profit revenue. The idea is like our baby, and we put a lot of effort and hope into it. It was a very difficult decision to kill him. My group member Rachel dropped the module because of health. Our idea is very rely on her computer talent and we do not have the enough capability to finish building the website independently, so we could have been taking a big risk to building the website and developing our service.

Turn out to be the best out of the worst, we came across a new idea before the trade fair. We planned to design a creative file folder. We find that it is very difficult for users to manage the documents in terms of different categories and the plastic file folder is not eco-friendly and durable. We designed our file folder with a system like drawers. Users can pull them out and manage their documents. Meanwhile, we chose a eco-friendly material named Tyvek, which is a fabric material and looks like paper. This material is waterproof and tear resistance. It can ensure the durable characteristics. This material is also drawable and we can customise the file folder for our customers.

We have finished the prototype and planned to improve the design. We will cooperate with some art students in Kingston University at the same time.

Presentation with Dragon Den


Our team’s last dragons den presentation for share& share on 8 December 2017. Share& share is social web service for students at Kingston University. Through the Share& Share, students can ask anything to be able to solve by inviting students who have same problems or interest. Other students are willing to join because they are also the people who go through same problems from the food to sports, study in any areas. Through the Share& Share, they can find person who fit their request and make promise to do together.

We found this idea from the problems that the students especially for international students are usually very isolated in leisure time and come across a lot of problems in daily life and studying. So, we want to use the Share& Share service to solve the problem.

This is our group’s first presentation. We rehearsed a lot of times before this. Honestly, I felt a little nervous but I was not nervous when we stood in front of the judges. I felt the support and encouragement of my teammates behind me. I was responsible for introducing our service and promotion strategy in this presentation. My other two group members did a good job too in this presentation. The judges were very professional and gave us a lot of professional advice and support for our strengths. They told us we should figure out the profit revenue, which is very import for us to convince venture capitalists. We also decided to improve in the later design.

The development of Chinese online literature

One day in my high school life, one of my classmates gave me an online novel with a mysterious recommendation. At that time, the Internet novel was still a very fresh concept in China. I opened this online novel named ‘Jade Dynasty’ with a curious mood. I was immediately drawn to the imaginative plot of the novel. I couldn’t wait to finish the whole novel. There were no smartphones, no 4G networks. So, I should download online novels through my computer, which was not very convenient. In spite of this, reading online novels has become my hobby.

I usually read on a website called the Qidian, with a lot of kinds of original novels such as wuxia, history, science fiction and fantasy. Now the site has been the most successful Internet content provider in China after years of development and has been successfully IPO in Hong Kong, China. Although I don’t read online novels now, I am still concerned about the development of the Chinese online literature industry. In the continuous development of Chinese online novels, there are many excellent novels and authors. The authors earn money through readers’ subscriptions, which can be published and changed into scripts and online games to make money. Every author usually has their own huge fans, who can talk about the plots and chat with their readers online. The Qidian website not only an online novel website but also a  social media website. I have come to England and I would like to be able to read some of the Internet serialized novels. But I didn’t find a similar site in the UK. After the investigation, I found that the pattern and content of the development of Chinese online novels are also promising in the UK. For example, some Chinese online novels have been posted on the website by some volunteers in the United States. These online novels have received good reviews from readers in the United States. I think it also has broad prospects in the UK.

Through the success of online literature in China, I think this business model has a great opportunity in the UK. Through the success of online literature in China. But we should also pay attention to the differences between cultures, laws and lives traditions between different countries. I hope to use this as an inspiration for my future business, and I will continue to improve my design in the UK market.

Shared office space

Two weeks ago, our professor guided us to visit the Level39 in Canary Wharf’s, which is the world’s most connected tech community. Strolling in among them, we can see the bright and modern decoration style and clear functional area division and the office facility is very modern. The view of the whole of London can be seen through the floor-to-ceiling Windows of the café, which gives people a good mood.

Level39 is the world’s most connected tech community. It supports fast-growth businesses in three clear ways – giving access to world-class customers, talent and infrastructure. Through expert mentors, access to Canary Wharf’s dynamic workspace, a packed events calendar and best-in-class facilities we help businesses achieve scale.

This Shared office space gives me a lot of thought. There is a similar model of Shared office space in all over the world such as Wework in USA and WE+ in China. They are both shared office companies. I felt very interested in this venture area. According to JieMian,  there are three main types of profit models in the joint office space at present, one is to obtain the property through the lease, and then to other users, earning the rent difference;

The second is to provide value-added services for enterprises or individuals, such as the registration of industrial and commercial tax, financial services and investment and financing services, including the guidance services of capital markets. The third is to invest or incubate companies on the platform.

Nowadays, due to the increase of joint office enterprises, the market competition is more and more intense. More companies are looking to cooperate with traditional office buildings and working with traditional property companies. For example, the United States established a department store brand Lord&Taylor announced that the sale is located in midtown New York between 38 and 39 street and fifth avenue in the head office building in one hundred to a Shared office brand WeWork, is used to set up WeWork global headquarters In late October this year,

I think this kind of strategy is very valuable. The new entrepreneurial model embraces traditional businesses, which can give new enterprise more opportunity to make connection to consumers and traditional company can have a new development model.

The barrier-free facility is in London


Several weeks ago, our lecturer told us to use the method named body-storming to find the problems affected the disabled people in Kingston Business building. I was in a wheel chair and my team members pushed it. Kingston business building is a modern building with new decoration and disabled facilities such as a wide elevator with low buttons, automatic doors, accessible path and disabled toilet. However, we also find a lot of problems when I sat on the wheelchair. The door of classroom is too heavy to open for disabled people. The road to the elevator is not flat and he counter in the cafe is too high. We were surprised that the modern advanced accessibility facilities were not as good as they might have been. We all know the importance of body-storming for designing a product or service through this course.

After class, I also interested in the disability facilities in London. When I hang out with my friends, I begin to observe the disability facilities in daily life. I found the barrier-free facilities almost in all parts of London, and all sorts of high-tech gadgets look very useful, Especially the ubiquitous automatic door looks very good. In my hometown, I had not found so many modern facilities. I think these facilities in London look perfect but are they so convenient to use.Finding a barrier-free toilet is a very difficult thing in central London, especially for non-wheelchair users. It’s relatively easy to find a public toilet on the street or even go to McDonald’s to use the bathroom. But for wheelchair users in the streets is another experience.Although the law asks all of the buildings need to have barrier-free facilities, but the toilets in street, such as McDonald’s or another small restaurant, which usually need to go downstairs without elevator.

So I think we should use the methods just like body-storming to design or redesign a product or service.

Unmanned retail, the next hot spot or trap?

the recent rapid development of unmanned stores has drawn broad attention from all aspects of the society in China. The technological advances, including AI, image recognition, mobile payment, internet of things, provide major conditions for unmanned stores and main drivers for innovation and transformation of retail industry in China.

Unattended shelves and unmanned convenience stores are two of the main forms, which attract the attention of many investment institutions and investors. Unmanned convenience shelves mean that we can put several small shelves containing snacks and drinks that people prefer to choose in school classrooms and office place. People can enjoy snacks and drinks conveniently by using their phones to scan the QR code to finish the payment. Be similar to Unattended shelves, in unmanned convenience store, customers just need to install our APP on mobile phone and have a registration. They can browse and search the goods they need through the APP, then find the exact location of the goods and the APP can guide them to find the goods. Consumers can complete the check-out process on mobile phone by adding the goods to APP shopping cart or scanning the bar code of the goods. We support three payment methods: Alipay, Wechat pay and Apple pay. When consumers finish payment, they will receive a QR code on phone. They can out of the supermarket by scanning it. Consumers can also give their comments and suggestions on our APP, we can listen to them and improve our service.

No doubt about that unmanned retail has a deep potential, but there are lots of problems in this industry, such as high technical cost, high loss rate and hard to be profitable. But I am personally very optimistic about this industry, I believe that the experience of unmanned retail will become better and better with the mature of the technology. I am very excited about its future.150849017345356500_a580x330

My officially team and Body storming

In Design thinking class, I had officially formed a team. Our team is very international and there is three team members in it. Song and Racheal are the two other team members. Our team is so nice. Song comes from Korean who work hard and full of imagination. Rachael is so experienced from UK. Our team named “GLOBAL SONG” because that we are so international. We should design our own products or services and register the Young Enterprise

In the lecture, the professor taught us about “Body storming”. This is means that physically using our bodies to fulfil certain tasks, and making note of the obstacles we encounter along the way. I think it is so interesting and practical. We can create some new solutions to solve the problems emerging from the body storming. We travelled around the business building in a rolling chair and I acting as if I was a disabled man in a wheelchair to test the how accessible the business building really is.  Most of our class was surprised to find that it is not as accessible as it claims to be though the business building is so modern. This exercise also proved the importance of doing research in field!

I’m really looking forward to getting our business up and going, and hopeful that these lessons will aid us in the process!


“Fashioning time” and “Evocations”

Several weeks ago, i visited LONDON DESIGN FESTIVAL in  Victoria and Albert Museum .“Fashioning time” is an exhibition of fabric pattern design , which impressed me and application on different kinds of fashion style and some furniture design by Into-art Studio, Which is making effort to work with people of learning disability. There are very brilliant color and exaggerate figure in these artworks, making the artworks unique and expressive. The pattern of fabric is originally painted by people with learning disability and with the copy, arrangement and recombination by designers of the studio, these paintings become more decorative. Though learning disabled people cannot learn knowledge as well as able-bodied people, they have their own unique ways to view and feel the world. These wonderful line and color is their own method to communicate to the world. People should not only make no discrimination to these people but also can help them find themselves and show the world their ability.

“Evocations” is an exhibition made up of a series of glass artworks, which is made by Czech glassmaker Petr Stanicky. These glass works are displayed in the Glass and Ceramics galleries. The bright transparent texture can mix different color in the gallery to create a dreamy atmosphere, also, the reflection, light and shadow of these glass artworks can extend the space, feels like kaleidoscopic. My favorite artwork in this exhibition is the green glass banister in the gallery. It is actually the original decoration in the Glass and Ceramics galleries of V&A Museum. When looking through them at other glass artworks, it feels like look through water, everything becomes abstract and only color is left. It is really fantastic. Also, in my opinion, it is a good idea to display new design among original exhibits to let audience to view and feel the historical inheritance.


LEGO is a favorite toy of children all over the world. people can put together a variety of shapes by their own hands. LEGO had become one of my favorite tools since my childhood. I heard that there is a LEGO LAND in UK and planned a trip to visit LEGO LAND. Luckily this week is reading week of school and I was free to arrange this week.

I came to Legoland Windsor last Sunday. This park is split into 12 themed lands. I think the miniland is the most important part in this park, which has a lot of models all made by LEGO bricks. We can see a lot of famous cities and landmark buildings all over the world such as THE LONDON EYE, St Paul’s Cathedral, NASA and so forth. They all look like the real one in the distance. How creative these designers are!

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I have never seen such a large and real toy architectural complex before.I am so interested in the creativity of LEGO. I found that LEGO has an idea department in its website ( Lego players who have reached the age of 13 can submit their own Lego models to the site for support. Through this creative website, Lego attracts many creative plays to contribute their own wisdom and produce a lot of successful works just like the series of WALL-E, The Big Bang Theory and so on.

I think we can learn a lot from LEGO. We should know creativity is the most important thing for an entrepreneur. We must find a creative way to design a product or service and we also need to listen to consumers to improve our products and services constantly. I also found one business opportunity in LEGO. I can build up a team to help corporations to build a platform to communicate with costumers. We can also provide consulting and training services to companies with demand.